Spirit of Challenge

Spirit of Challenge

Walking the Innovation Talk

It is well documented that innovation is the result of passionate research, lateral thinking and bold exploration of untrodden paths. Alkraft’s research team began work at its R&D centre before its first manufacturing plant was even built. This commitment to innovation resulted in a number of firsts in the Indian automotive industry, like the introduction of brazed aluminium radiators, charge air coolers and engine cooling modules, and the setting up of satellite assembly plants to provide just in time supplies. The “Spirit of Challenge” which embodies our core values and basic ethos drives us to continually
push the frontiers of technology to design better products and
solutions for the Indian automotive industry.

Everyone at Alkraft pride themselves on being:  


  • Empowered to think differently and be daring enough to ask 'Why Not?'
  • Committed to the highest values of ethics and integrity
  • Committed to responsibility towards customers, colleagues, community, and shareholders
  • Motivated to pursue the path to excellence through continuous improvement
  • Inspired to provide customers with outstanding products and services and become their supplier of choice